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Private Swimming Lessons In Denver, Wheat Ridge

Teaching Kids to Swim Since 2002!

We teach Private Swimming Lessons to children at our fitness and swim school for ages 13 weeks to 13 years of age.  At Swim Otters, children learn how to swim with “real” life-saving water safety & survival skills. Our parents love our school because we teach our swim lessons in a gentle and encouraging way. Our Colorado swim teachers are some of the best in the Denver area, and offer a consistent mentor-like method of teaching.


“Quality is important, with excellent customer service—see real results in weeks, not years!” – Kathy Noel



Why Do Parents Choose Swim Otters?

Swim Otters' caring instructors are looking forward to meeting your child!
sue-nelson… You are enrolling your child into a solid program. This swim school is definitely is one of the best in Colorado! Passion to mentor a child with true aquatic skills can be found here.
Sue NelsonUSA Swimming

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