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Swimming for Babies, Toddlers and Children in Denver, Colorado

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), drowning is still the leading cause of injury related death in children.  The AAP states that “children ages 1 to 4 may be less likely to drown if they have had formal swimming instruction.”  At Swim Otters we believe that the best time to learn to swim is as an infant, we offer kids and babies swimming lessons.  See our testimonials page for parents who have benefited from their babies learning to swim.

What They Learn

All infants & children alike, are taught water adaptation, buoyancy and balancing. Every child begins by learning breath control and opening their eyes under water followed by rolling over to an unassisted back float. As our students progress, they learn to swim-float-swim, independently! Lesson duration times vary by age to cater to each child’s disposition and attention span so they can get the most out of each lesson.

All Private Lessons

Private lessons are always a better choice in learning a true skill. Every child is different and deserves an opportunity to learn at their own speed. Each lesson is geared to the individual child’s needs. This is NOT a fear-based swim program. We do not rush any child, which promotes fear and insecurity, but instead we take a gentle and nurturing approach with our certified swim instructors who have a passion for mentoring and helping children.

Water Safety & Survival Program

The Swim Otters Exclusive Curriculum teaches the fundamentals of safe aquatic activity that includes proper breath control, opening eyes under water, independent backfloats and rolls, the swim-float-swim method, and falling into the water with “real” survival techniques. At Swim Otters, children are taught to “think” when they swim! They are empowered with real skills and a healthy respect and love for the water!

Once a Weeker Tweeker Program

Tweekers are an opportunity to practice and maintain a child’s skills and build confidence. It’s ideal for the parent that can’t get to the pool regularly. Babies grow with the comfort of knowledge and skill set in the water! No need to take costly and lengthy “refresher weeks” – just start back in the Once a Weeker Tweeker program!

Stroke Development and Swim Team Prep

Strokes are introduced when the child is proficient with the swim-float-swim sequence. Our stroke development workshop includes the freestyle with rhythmic breathing, the back stroke, the breast stroke and the butterfly. Swim Otters is the preferred feeder program for several swim teams in the area, including North Jeffco Swim Team and Broomfield Barracudas.

Otter Snorkeling Program

Children, ages 4 and up can learn to snorkel! Our snorkel program teaches proper use of the snorkel equipment – mask, snorkel and fins. They learn important information about the sea below – what not to touch as well as proper breathing skills with a snorkel. All of our snorkel students will learn to become a part of the reef as to not scare off the fish.

About the Owner and Founder

Kathy Nowak, Owner and Founder of Swim Otters has a true passion and ability to teach infants and young children lifelong water safety skills. Her personal quest is to prevent pediatric drowning. She believes every child should have the opportunity to learn these important life savings skills in order to save themselves from a water incident. The main reason why Swim Otters is so successful is because we deliver results! It is here that parents bring their children to become avid swimmers and the progression of skill is clearly seen in their children.

Parent Referral Program

Our Parents LOVE to talk about how great their kids can swim! When our parents refer another family to Swim Otters, the referring parent will receive $25 once the family is enrolled! It’s just our way of saying “Thank you!”


Teaching infants and toddlers “real” survival swimming skills helps to protect them from a dangerous environment in their early years and leads to a lifetime of enjoyment of the water.


Babies who swim well enhance their motor skill development and lung capacity.
Swimming is an ideal exercise and has been proven to build the immune system.

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angieThrough your instruction my son learned a precious skill, the ability to save himself from drowning. Recently this valuable skill was put to the ultimate test when no one was watching. My 2 year-old son, Aiden, 5 month old daughter, and I went to a nearby water park to swim with friends. My son was playing with his older friend. I was with them as they left the wading pool and started towards the family hot tub. I told my son to wait while I briefly turned my head to pick my daughter up. It w…
AngieA Swim Otters Proud Parent