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Our Team

Kathy Noel – Founder, CEO and Master Instructor, Trainer

Kathy Noel – Founder, CEO and Master Instructor, Trainer

Kathy Noel is the Founder/President of Swim Otters Swim & Fitness School. With over 17 years experience, she is an expert and passionate about teaching children important lifesaving skills to be safe and enjoy the water for life.

At 20 years old, in Florida, Kathy learned all too quickly about the tragedy of childhood drowning, when her best friend’s 2 year old drowned in the backyard pool. In 1998, with the memories of that tragedy, being a new mom and water skier, Kathy enrolled her own son in a similar program. She was inspired by the program and realized her passion and desire to help children in water was something she could not dismiss. She received her training and certification and began Swim Otters Swim & Fitness School in March 2002.

Kathy was required to work her business, full-time, year ‘round for 7 years in order to receive Master Instructor status and authorization to hire her own employees. In 2009, Kathy received Master Instructor status and began building her team of employees and continued to nurture her business. Through her own research and teaching experiences, she wrote Swim Otters’ Exclusive Water Safety & Survival Program Curriculum.

Today, Swim Otters Swim & Fitness School is a successful company and has a beautiful 4,800 sq. ft. facility in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. The real difference is that all lessons are private – geared to the individual personality, character and learning style of the child. The majority of students continue long term in ongoing learning programs that include, weekly  “Tweekers” maintenance, Otter Stroke Development, and Snorkeling. The average life span of a Swim Otter student is 4 – 7 years. Swim Otters instructors are trained experts and are passionate about teaching children to swim well.

Kathy is a fair business woman who pays her staff handsome wages. She believes in operating a business that is built on quality, not quantity. She is all about integrity, excellence and professionalism. Her experience of 20+ years in corporate America as a national/reseller accounts sales executive, she enjoys teaching and guiding her sales team in innovative and creative marketing strategies and managing her staff with daily service.

She is a dedicated, hard worker and continues to build a dynamic team through perseverance – offering an award winning program to customers with quality customer service, and offers young professionals excellent employment opportunities with employee benefits. She is devoted to teaching her employees the art of running a professional and successful business with excellent results on a daily basis.


WSS Swim Instructors

All of our swim instructors are trained professionals who have over 200 hours of training. Our job is to teach YOUR child how to swim safely, and enjoy the water…for life.

heatherMiss Heather – WSS Swim Instructor

Making it her lifelong goal to help children learn about the dangers of water and perform water safety skills in an incident, Heather has received training and certification in all areas – water safety, stroke development and competitive swimming. She has been with Swim Otters for 4.5 years.

william_snyder-0073Mr. Will – WSS Swim Instructor

Will has been teaching kids to swim for over 8 years. He is originally from Tennessee, he moved to Colorado after college. He is an educated professional with a degree in Recording Industry Management. In his free time, he enjoys playing and listening to music. Will is a Master S.C.U.B.A. Diver who loves to dive in open deep waters.

Miss Ashley – WSS Swim Instructor

An Arizona native who loves her family and friends, Ashley loves the outdoors whether it be fishing, hunting hiking, horseback riding and as well as being actively involved at church. Her real passion is working with animals and is working toward becoming a veterinarian. Teaching children to swim is her passion and helping customers comes naturally.

Mr. Austin – WSS Swim Instructor,
Assistant Office Manager

Austin is passionate about aquatic safety and fitness, with previous experience being a lifeguard, swim instructor, and High School Assistant coach. Swim Otters is now his home and enjoys helping people with any situation that arises with the highest quality possible.

Mark – Sales Manager

An alumnus of Carroll University and University of Colorado – Boulder, Mark brings over 38 years of business and sales experience to Swim Otters. Growing up on a lake in Wisconsin, he understands all too well, the importance of water safety. Mark, is an avid photographer, and enjoys gardening, cooking and woodworking.

Ellie – Customer Care Office Manager

With a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Florida Gulf Coast, Ellie brings 10 years of experience to our customer care team. She is passionate about helping customers and building personal relationships with everyone she meets. Ellie previously taught swim lesson’s and is inspired by the one-on-one approach Swim Otter’s offers. Living in Colorado for the past 5 years, she has developed a love for exploring the outdoors with her family.


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Swim Otters has the finest water filtration system in the industry. The process eradicates all waterborne pathogens so that very little chlorine is used. Chemicals are controlled by automatic doses. The water is always crystal clear and 90 degrees!

We have an awesome parent area with comfortable furniture, a snack counter, large family dressing rooms and bathrooms. Cubbies with toys and books keep kids busy while waiting for their lesson. The place is immaculate!

Did you know?

FACT: Swimming is the BEST physical exercise as it uses every muscle in the body. Swimming requires a child to “think” about what they are doing and to use real skills to complete their swim. Children who swim year ‘round are more self-disciplined, have the confidence to succeed. From consistent goal setting, learning and achieving, they rate high in self-respect.

FACT: Babies who are introduced to the water environment under 1 year of age, enhance their motor skill development, circulation system and lung capacity. Swimming has been proven to build the immune system and keep kids healthy.


This is the best swim school for infants and children! All the teachers undergo a rigorous 6-12 week training session (even if they have experience!) and are CPR/First Aid certified. They  know more than any other swim school around! This is the only swim school I trust to bring my son to learn about water safety. Kathy Nowak, the owner really knows how to run a fair business. They have reasonable rules to follow, and I love it because she is organized! Billing is recurring and regular, and I h…
Best Swim School for Infants!