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Welcome Families! This is our Parent Portal! Just a few items so that we are on the same page. It’s a wonderful experience to swim at Swim Otters! Our swim instructors are trained professionals who work all day in the pool. Our lessons run back to back in 10-20-30 minute increments.

Below are our current policies on vacations, makeups, school closures, tuition, how to feed your child on swim days and cancellations:

About Tuition: All tuition is non-refundable.

About Lessons: Our customers pay for a time slot, not a lesson. If you are late, you will receive the remaining time of your lesson time slot.

About Makeup Lessons: All students are given 1 makeup per month/per child, which yields 12 makeups per year. They are not accruableWe cannot offer makeups for same day call outs or no shows.

About Vacations: We are happy to offer every student a one-week vacation per year. If you take a vacation, we need 2-weeks’ notice and you will receive up to 1 week of makeup lessons.

School Holiday Closures: Swim Otters will reschedule lessons in the event of inclement weather, pool maintenance and holidays (New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween at 6pm, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve at noon, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve at noon).

About Feeding Your Child Before Lessons: Do NOT feed your child 2 hours before your child’s swim lesson time slot. Prior to 2 hours, your child may have cheerios with Rice Dream, a pancake/waffle, Welch’s white grape or pear juice diluted heavily with water, toast, or crackers.

About Cancellations: We require one (1) month written notice for all cancellations by the last day of the month.  An email must be sent to Info@swimotters.com. If you are late, you will be charged a cancellation fee equal to one month’s swim lessons.

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Infant Swimming Resources in Denver Colorado

Use these links to help you find a variety of infant swimming resources for parents in the Denver area. Also find swimming safety links and more information on safe children swimming lessons listed below.

If you have any questions on swimming resources or would like to register with Swim Otters Swim School, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

New to Swim Otters? Schedule a Tour online to visit our facility.

National Drowning Prevention Alliance
The premier resource in the prevention of drowning and catalyst in preventing drowning among children.

United States Swim School Association
(USSSA) an association of quality swim schools devoted to aquatic education for lifelong safety, fun and health.

Broomfield Pediatrics & Internal Medicine
An advocate of Swim Otters Swim School and pediatric drowning prevention.

Mothers For Water Safety Coalition (MFWSC)
A non-profit organization designed to promote water safety and protect America’s children against drowning and water related accidents.

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Swim Otters has the finest water filtration system in the industry. The process eradicates all waterborne pathogens so that very little chlorine is used. Chemicals are controlled by automatic doses. The water is always crystal clear and 90 degrees!

We have an awesome parent area with comfortable furniture, a snack counter, large family dressing rooms and bathrooms. Cubbies with toys and books keep kids busy while waiting for their lesson. The place is immaculate!

Did you know?

FACT: Swimming is the BEST physical exercise as it uses every muscle in the body. Swimming requires a child to “think” about what they are doing and to use real skills to complete their swim. Children who swim year ‘round are more self-disciplined, have the confidence to succeed. From consistent goal setting, learning and achieving, they rate high in self-respect.

FACT: Babies who are introduced to the water environment under 1 year of age, enhance their motor skill development, circulation system and lung capacity. Swimming has been proven to build the immune system and keep kids healthy.


stacyBlake loves the water! We can’t get him out of the water when we go to the pool. He is a little fish! We tried another swim program but the lessons were nothing like at Swim Otters – gentle and nurturing!
StacyA Swim Otters Proud Parent