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Pricing for Swim Otters Swimming Lesson Plans

Please call (303) 554-7946 for WATER SAFETY & SURVIVAL PROGRAM pricing and lesson availability

Baby & Me Program $199

Lifetime Membership
Quality Cloth Swim diaper
5 (45 min) Group Classes

Bonus: 2 FREE Classes
Classes beginning:
Monday @ 11:30 am (Jan 7)
Tuesday @ 11:30 am (Nov 20)
Wednesday @ 12:15 pm (Jan 9)
Friday @ 11:15 am (Nov 16)
Saturday @ 1 pm (Dec 8)

Water Safety & Survival Program

The cost of private swim lessons is based on the individual child’s maturity level, personality and learning style. Please call us and we will be happy to talk with you about our recommendations for your child. You can start your child on any day of the week!

Water Safety & Survival private swim lessons are offered: 2 (10 min)lessons per week, 2 (20 min) lessons per week, or 1 (30 min) lesson per week.

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Swim Otters has the finest water filtration system in the industry. The process eradicates all waterborne pathogens so that very little chlorine is used. Chemicals are controlled by automatic doses. The water is always crystal clear and 90 degrees!

We have an awesome parent area with comfortable furniture, a snack counter, large family dressing rooms and bathrooms. Cubbies with toys and books keep kids busy while waiting for their lesson. The place is immaculate!

Did you know?

FACT: Swimming is the BEST physical exercise as it uses every muscle in the body. Swimming requires a child to “think” about what they are doing and to use real skills to complete their swim. Children who swim year ‘round are more self-disciplined, have the confidence to succeed. From consistent goal setting, learning and achieving, they rate high in self-respect.

FACT: Babies who are introduced to the water environment under 1 year of age, enhance their motor skill development, circulation system and lung capacity. Swimming has been proven to build the immune system and keep kids healthy.


sue-nelson… You are enrolling your child into a solid program. This swim school is definitely is one of the best in Colorado! Passion to mentor a child with true aquatic skills can be found here.
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