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Learn to Swim!

Real swimming lessons is the key to having a safe kid around water.  Arm bands and floaties give a child a false sense of security.  Enroll now and save $50 OFF the membership.


Babies Float Better!

Babies float better because they are naturally on their backs. Get your baby in the Baby & Me Program now!

Not All Swim Lessons are created equal!

Your child and his safety is the most important thing to you. Drowning can occur in seconds. Sign up for private lessons at Swim Otters and give him the gift of a lifetime.

Have Peace of Mind!

Before you go on your next family vacation. Sign up for private swim lessons now and save $50 OFF a lifetime membership. We know you want your child to be safe around water.

Real Skills, Real Results!

Swim Otters students learn real skills around the water. They learn to open their eyes under water, float on their back and swim back to a safe place! They learn to jump in and float. Come to Swim Otters for real skills, and real results!

Family Fun in the Swimming Pool!

I play with the puppy in the water! It is a lot of fun! Learn to swim so you can have fun too!

You Get What You Pay For!

Amazing, the instructor taught our 3.5 year old to be safe around water! They are very caring and dedicated swim instructors that bonds with each student! Yes, prices are higher but we are so happy with the results! We will keep our little one in lessons until she is on swim team!swim team!



Swim to Mommy!

Every child learns important water safety skills while swimming across the pool. They learn to open their eyes underwater, to float and to flip over to swim again! And get Mommy’s hands!

Learn to Snorkel!

If you have a 5 year old, snorkeling is a great skill to have them learn. Kids have fun and learn at the same time! Quality snorkel equipment is available in our swim shop.

Real Skills!

Babies learn real skills in our Water Safety & Survival program starting at 6 months. If your baby is younger, they can begin in our Baby & Me program, starting at 13 weeks! Start early before they go to school.