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How Does Swimming Help My Child?

Swimming exercise involves cardiovascular activity, which enhances both heart and lung condition.

Swimming also increases strength, endurance, flexibility and balance.

Children who engage in regular swimming activity might avoid health issues associated with childhood obesity, including diabetes.

By teaching your children swimming skills, you equip them with water skills that can increase water safety.

Spending time in the water can also be positive for children’s mental health. Swimming may improve mood and decrease anxiety.

Tips For Getting Your Child To Be A Good Reader


  • Begin exposing them to books when they are very young.
  • Read to them every day, every day, EVERY DAY!
  • Make reading time a purely enjoyable experience. It should be a special bonding time and one that you enjoy, too!
  • Surround them with a multitude of books.  Go to the library or used book store.
  • Let them choose what they want to read, just provide lots of great options!
  • Read aloud to kids who are old enough to read to themselves.

Best Swim School for Infants!

This is the best swim school for infants and children! All the teachers undergo a rigorous 6-12 week training session (even if they have experience!) and are CPR/First Aid certified. They  know more than any other swim school around! This is the only swim school I trust to bring my son to learn about water safety. Kathy Nowak, the owner really knows how to run a fair business. They have reasonable rules to follow, and I love it because she is organized! Billing is recurring and regular, and I have never had a billing issue. I am a responsible parent and follow the rules. My sons is 2 and can swim-float-swim across a 24 foot pool! Lizzie T.

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Hello everyone and welcome to our website. We hope you will come tour our facility as soon as possible. We only teach private swim lessons.

Amazing Swim Lessons!

I had two of my kids go through the Swim Otters Water Safety & Survival Swim program…best thing I ever did!!! They are incredibly strong swimmers and grew up with a love of the water! Kathy has become like family to us! Love…Love…LOVE this program! Crystal M




Swim Otters is Awesome!

We LOVE Kathy and everyone at Swim Otters! They have a kind a patient approach to teaching water safety & survival. This has been game changing in our household and the service is well worth the money! RK

Real Results in Weeks, Not Years!

Swim lessons are expensive. Of course, but not much more. In fact, taking swim lessons at Swim Otters overall is less expensive. Your child will be doing skills within 12 weeks that you never dreamed of! Come visit us and take a tour! Talk with other parents about why they choose Swim Otters!


Swim Daddy Swim!

Every child learns important water safety skills while swimming across the pool. They learn to open their eyes underwater, to float and to flip over to swim again! And get Daddy’s hands!


Summer Time and Vacations!

Enroll before you go on vacation! Call 303-554-7946 and you will have a great time!