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Understanding Yelp Reviews

Yelp is NOT what we think it is! Yelp has a computer software program that decides if your review is credible or not and it also changes its level of importance.

So if you are looking for an overall Yelp review on a company, it is NOT an accurate account at all. Instead Yelp decides whether or not your review has credibility (even though its an honest review) and they put it into a place where you cannot see your review.  On the Yelp company page, check at the bottom of the reviews, you will see a light gray printed line that says “other reviews that are not recommended”. Over the past 3 months, Swim Otters has received 14 – “5 Star” reviews, and each time the Yelp software sent it to this area. Fair? Not

Countless businesses have tried to sue Yelp because at all. this site is unfair. Not only to business owners, but to consumers! Swim Otters believes that Yelp members should be able to “star” their reviews and it should go up on Yelp as a running log – good, bad as they come. We take pride in our business and want to take care of our customers. Sure, we have policies and procedures to follow, but that is the sign of a well run business! Kathy has an open door policy with customers and is super sweet. She goes out of her way to help where she can to make your experience wonderful!

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stacyBlake loves the water! We can’t get him out of the water when we go to the pool. He is a little fish! We tried another swim program but the lessons were nothing like at Swim Otters – gentle and nurturing!
StacyA Swim Otters Proud Parent